Enter a World of Espionage

Alliances and betrayals, power and prestige play out across the globe in John Bushby's espionage novels.

The period between the last century’s two world wars was the crucible from which our present world was forged. Alliances and betrayals, power and prestige - the meat of espionage played out across the globe. This is the world upon which author John Bushby focuses in his novels. Born in the post-World War II era when America, having subdued fascist aggression now face an even more vigorous enemy, Bushby looks back to write about the choices that men and women made in the wake of the First World War, when they could not imagine another, even deadlier struggle. Following a thirty-year career in global finance and banking operations John Bushby brings his experience of the world to shape the background against which his characters operate as they find themselves drawn into the human dramas that the impending world cataclysm has spawned.

The Rhinemaiden's Song

The Rhinemaiden's Song has begun. In Germany, as 1935 draws to a close, Hitler is preparing for his conquest of Europe. For those who had read his book, the plan is all there, death and destruction await.

The Warszaw Express

The Warszaw Express begins at the close of the First World War the United States as withdrew back across the ocean, choosing isolation as foreign policy. In Europe a cadre of Americans came together to maintain a watch on what was happening in continent's capitals.

Shadow Soldiers

In 1939, as the Nazis march across Europe the deadly cat and mouse game of espionage moves to a higher plane. America is technically neutral, but for American Rick Kasten, with family relations in key positions in the Nazi hierarchy, the war becomes very personal.

The Last Voyage of the Paramaribo Queen

Rick Kasten is back as he battles a new and more lethal group of Nazi thugs who are bent on destroying America. From New York to Lisbon, Berlin, Paris and across the stormy North Atlantic Kasten is out to torpedo the Nazi's plans.
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