Espionage Novels

Espionage and Intrigue

As the guns went silent on the western front the first moves of the second world war began.  Bolshevik spies fanned out over Europe spreading the seeds of revolution. In Germany despair spawned the Nazi evil and for the next twenty years the game would be played out across the continent.  Follow the careers of Rick Kasten and Harry Braham as these two Americans face off against Gestapo thugs and NKVD agents.

Shadow Soldiers

In 1939, as war descends on Europe an American becomes involved in trying to save refugees from the Nazis. From Havana, to Berlin, to Lisbon, ship owner Rick Kasten outraces the Gestapo to get his passenger safely into American waters. With the help of a mysterious Hungarian woman and members of the newly formed OSS, Kasten weaves his way through a tangled web of intrigue and danger to find that he and his friends have become Shadow Soldiers in a new kind of war.

Shadow Soldiers is available for purchase online, or at the Clinton Book Shop.


The Warszaw Express

This is the  first in the new series of Harry Braham espionage novels.  Harry flies right out of the air war over the trenches of France and into the boiling intrigue of post World War I Europe.  Bolshevik spies and lovely Parisian women surround him as he becomes one of America’s first espionage agents.  His adventures take him from glittering salons to the Polish steppe as he helps to shape the violent post war history of the continent.

The Warszaw Express is available for purchase online, or at the Clinton Book Shop.

The Rhinemaiden’s Song


In Germany, as 1935 draws to a close, Hitler is preparing for his conquest of Europe. For those who had read his book, the plan is all there, death and destruction await. The German war machine is gearing up and new and very dangerous weapons are being designed. But Hitler has another surprise for the world. He is staging a grand coming out party with the 1936 summer and winter Olympics as his back drop. As he builds up the propaganda onslaught, the seemingly unbounded success of National Socialism is attracting the interest of financial partners from all over the globe.

In The Rhinemaiden’s Song Harry Braham, ex-fighter pilot and full time espionage agent takes the reader on a twisting path of intrigue and danger. Secrets that the Gestapo and the NKVD want to uncover are only part of the dangers facing Braham. His mentor and old friend Raymond Kingman has disappeared from a luxury train in the snowy Alps and it is Braham’s job to find out what has happened to him and to understand the meaning of The Rhinemaiden’s Song. Along the way he finds beautiful women willing share their secrets and their bodies with him. And, as usual, he has to find out who he can trust.

With Harry Braham once again at the controls, The Rhinemaiden’s Song hurtles into the middle of one of the twentieth century’s epic struggles. The Rhinemaiden’s Song is available for purchase online or at the Clinton Book Shop.


The  Last Voyage of the Paramaribo Queen

Rick Kasten is lvpqback in his latest adventure, The Last Voyage of the Paramaribo Queen. In the waning days of 1941 with America only weeks away from war, Rick Kasten is sent into the heart of Nazi-occupied Europe to find out the Third Reich’s plans for Latin America. Entertained in Berlin by the elite of Hitler’s henchmen, he finds himself among a group of American profiteers, executives from the cream of American business who are eager to back both sides in the war as long as they make a profit. Still aching for his lost Aurelia, Kasten takes time to settle his score with Hangman Heydrich’s thugs before heading for Paris. Betrayed and hunted by German agents he makes his way out of Fortress Europa only to find himself a player in a deadly game of hide and seek on the stormy Atlantic.

Admiral Karl Doenitz has a plan to defeat America at the outset of hostilities. When they launch Operation Neuland the German High Command will attempt to bottle up America’s merchant fleet before it can come to the aid of a blockaded Britain. With increased U-Boat activity  the Kriegsmarine hopes to cut the vital lifeline of oil from the America’s. Kasten has to locate the base from which the U-Boats are operating before they can do any more damage. Romance and adventure return as Kasten travels from New York to Lisbon, Berlin, Paris and to the tropics of South America to seek out and destroy the Nazi menace. From glittering Berlin salons to rough seaport dives, Kasten is out to torpedo the Nazis.


The White Raven

The setting for The White Raven is 1934, just as the horrors that will befall Germany and the rest of the world are taking shape. Against the background of fascism and evil a grand event, designed to spur international cooperation in the skies, the Challenge Internationale de Tourism 1934, a sort of aviation Olympiad was held. Teams from various European nations participated in what was hoped might create better understanding and relationships through air tourism. Planes and pilots from nations that would be caught up in a death struggle a mere five years later participated hoping to show off their skills. Of course, Germany entered teams that would form the core of the Luftwaffe. Germany entered the Messerschmitt 108, a two-seater precursor of its feared Bf-109 that would see service throughout Europe in the decade to come.

In 1934 not all Germans are solidly behind their new Führer and plots to remove him and wrest control of the country from the Nazis were underway. The military would only bow completely to the power of the Reich once Hitler did something about the actions of Ernst Röhm and his Sturmabteilung (SA). At the end of June 1934, in an action known as The Night of the Long Knives he did just that by arresting the leadership of the SA and executing its leadership.

Fear runs rampant throughout Germany and many people turn to clandestine escape routes to safer locations far from the stomping jackboots in the streets. One woman, titled and wealthy, has created her own network, the shadowy White Raven. Rumors of its existence trickle through Berlin, but no one knows who or what it is. Her purpose is to simply defeat the powers of darkness that are consuming her country.

Against this background, Harry Braham, businessman, expatriate and American espionage agent finds himself caught up in a plot by a small cadre led by members of the secret Abwehr who, if they cannot completely rid the nation of Hitler, want to remove his praetorian guard and take control themselves. To gain their ends they will use blackmail and murder. Braham must now decide between saving his friends from certain death at the hands of the Sicherheitsdienst and the Gestapo or cooperate with evil.

The White Raven takes the reader on a wild ride through these turbulent days.