Prowler Ball – A Yankee Station Sea Story

Prowler Ball – A Yankee Station Sea Story is the novelized account of a combat cruise aboard USS Enterprise during the final days of the air war in Vietnam. The book is based upon real incidents and real people that I encountered during my combat cruise to Yankee Station in the Gulf of Tonkin. How to tell what happened to me and the men I knew out there has been one of my most difficult challenges. I have fictionalized the accounts and merged some people and some incidents together to allow the story to flow more easily. Prowler Ball is the story of a young Naval Flight Officer encountering the dangerous and sometimes sordid world of flying in combat in a war no one truly understood.

In the pages of the book the reader is taken through a transformation from lurid details of life ashore to the numbing shipboard routine of flying missions around the clock while trying to maintain an edge against complacency and boredom. The flying scenes actually happened and the life in port and at home speak to the loneliness and stress that the fliers who manned the aircraft deployed against North Vietnamese targets had to endure.

There are no apologies in the story, it  is just a grim recounting of the reality of the war in Vietnam as I experienced it. Like all war stories it is fact and fiction blended together until it is hard to tell one from the other. I hope you like it. It has taken over forty years to put these chapters on paper and in truth, manProwler_Ball_web (1)y more could be told.

Prowler Ball is available in print and for Kindle at

2 Responses to Prowler Ball – A Yankee Station Sea Story

  1. JIM FRITH says:

    I recently read about your “Prowler Ball” book in the VFW magazine. I served aboard ENTERPRISE before, during your cruise and after your ’72/73 tour in the Ops department. I would love to get a copy of your book, autographed of course. I know I can obtain one at Amazon but I would gladly purchase one directly from you, if possible. Thanks.

  2. Alan Koebrick says:

    WOW what a memory of the old days. I was the CAG’s YN3 and based on the Connie CVA64 during that same time. I served in the
    Air Wing VAQW13 from 69 at Alameda with the A-3 ‘s to moving to Whidbey and CAPT Mundy getting RED 1 , then I went shipboard
    rotation on all the CVA’s (America, Connie, Enterprise, Saratoga)
    until summer 73. I was at the reunion last year

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