In the early dawn of post-war Europe, Harry Braham faces his adversaries once again.

Through the lingering smog of cadaverine, the human vermin begin to furtively slip from their lairs, while American Agent Harry Braham is tasked with building the roots of American intelligence dominance in Europe.

Art, money, politics, and spies.

From Berlin to Moscow to the slopes of the Alps, in the quest for The Last Klimt danger stalks all.

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About John M. Bushby

Author John Bushby was introduced to the film noir genre while in grade school. From watching grainy black and white films on an antique Philco television he began to satiate his taste for the genre by reading everything he could find. Dashiell Hamett, Eric Ambler, Le Carre, Len Deighton, Sax Rohmer, Alan Furst, Philip Kerr and David Downing all have shown him the way of the craft.  Bushby has drawn on the experience of over thirty years of global business experience, traveling in and out of Europe and Asia to set the background for his books. Learn more about John M. Bushby.

About Harry Braham

John W Bushby

John W Bushby was the inspiration for the character Harry Braham.

Harry Braham brings the skill and talents of an air ace to battle with Bolsheviks and Fascists in post-World War I Europe.  America had a rough lesson in realpolitik when it entered the Great War in 1917.  Read more about Harry Braham