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Who is Harry Braham? Find out for free at Amazon. com. If you have been waiting to find out who is Harry Braham I have a deal for you.  Starting tomorrow both The Rhinemaiden’s Song and The Warszaw Express will be available for free on These are the first two of the Harry Braham series of espionage adventures set in Europe before the outbreak of the Second World War.

Harry Braham is the American ex-patriate living in Paris, whose adventures in the tumultuous decade following the end of the First World War, pit him against the forces of fascism and Bolshevism. He flies and fights his way from Paris to Warsaw to Berlin as he works to establish America’s first foreign intelligence service. Always in the thick of things, Harry finds danger and intrigue as well as some beautiful women along the way.

If you like the film noir kind of espionage thriller, then these two titles are worth your time. And how can you go wrong, it won’t cost you a penny. If you like what you read, please write a review and help boost the readership. Thanks