Harry Braham Returns

In 1945, Europe lies devastated from six years of war. The American and Soviet victors hold sway over millions traumatized by the Nazi scourge. As a bitter peace begins to take hold, Hitler’s surviving henchmen begin to scurry about like rats looking for ways to survive the coming retribution. With this background Harry Braham returns to the world of intrigue and espionage. 

The Last Klimt is a tale of intrigue about stolen art, scheming thieves, and their pursuers. While tales of recovered artworks fill the pages of today’s newspapers, The Last Klimt takes the reader back to the days when war criminals sought to buy their way to freedom with the property they had stolen from their victims.

But in 1945 Harry has been sidelined, marooned in Zurich and awaiting the end of the OSS at the hands of J. Edgar Hoover. Meanwhile, the KGB is stepping into the void left by the disarray in America’s counterintelligence efforts. It seems that the Russians have an interest in getting their hands on the fleeing Nazis and on their horde of stolen art. After the appearance of Haganah agents, Braham plunges back into Berlin looking for the key to the location of millions in stolen art.

The Last Klimtis the fifth and latest of the Harry Braham series of espionage novels. It is available at Amazon.com in Kindle or soft cover.