News from the World of John Bushby

Espionage and Action in War-torn PolandJohn Bushby, author of Shadow Soldiers  has introduced the new series of Harry Braham espionage novels.  The Great War is over and a new kind of soldier has emerged, the fighter pilot.  Captain Harry Braham an air ace with nine victories finds himself on the other side of the ocean far from his home and surrounded by beautiful women and intrigue.

Not willing to simply go back to the states, Braham signs on with two of his countrymen to become an intelligence operative.  There are no schools from which to learn this trade and Harry Braham is entirely on his own in an environment swirling with people who cannot be trusted.

Harry flies right out of the air war over the trenches of France and into the boiling intrigue of post World War I Europe.  Bolshevik spies and lovely Parisian women surround him as he becomes one of America’s first espionage agents.  His adventures take him from glittering salons to the Polish steppe as he helps to shape the violent post war history of the continent