Rick Kasten is Back!

Rick Kasten is back in his latest adventure, The Last Voyage of the Paramaribo Queen. In the waning days of 1941 with America only weeks away from war, Rick Kasten is sent into the heart of Nazi-occupied Europe to find out the Third Reich’s plans for Latin America. Entertained in Berlin by the elite of Hitler’s henchmen, he finds himself among a group of American profiteers, executives from the cream of American business who are eager to back both sides in the war as long as they make a profit. Still aching for his lost Aurelia, Kasten takes time to settle his score with Hangman Heydrich’s thugs before heading for Paris. Betrayed and hunted by German agents he makes his way out of Fortress Europa only to find himself a player in a deadly game of hide and seek on the stormy Atlantic.

Admiral Karl Doenitz has a plan to defeat America at the outset of hostilities. When they launch Operation Neuland the German High Command will attempt to bottle up America’s merchant fleet before it can come to the aid of a blockaded Britain. With increased U-Boat activity  the Kriegsmarine hopes to cut the vital lifeline of oil from the America’s. Kasten has to locate the base from which the U-Boats are operating before they can do any more damage. Romance and adventure return as Kasten travels from New York to Lisbon, Berlin, Paris and to the tropics of South America to seek out and destroy the Nazi menace. From glittering Berlin salons to rough seaport dives, Kasten is out to torpedo the Nazis.