In 1939, as the Nazis march across Europe the deadly cat and mouse game of espionage moves to a higher plane.  America is technically neutral, but for American Rick Kasten, with family relations in key positions in the Nazi hierarchy, the war becomes very personal.  While the United States postures itself to stay our of the bloodshed and fighting, the effects of the war are brought home to Kasten as he personally witnesses the lengths to which the Nazis go to maintain their stranglehold on the people of Germany and the nations it has conquered. The SS San Cristobal, flagship of his family’s small fleet of steamships becomes the key to helping those without hope flee the clutches of the Gestapo.  On his own, and disavowed by Washington Kasten uses his ship to make a difference in the lives of dozens of refugees desperate to leave Europe.

Kasten creates his own espionage headquarters in Lisbon and set against the romantic backdrop of that city there is adventure and romance. A Hungarian enchantress, a seductive German countess and a Portuguese beauty all play for Kasten’s attentions. While in the salons and nightspots of the Portuguese capital it is spy versus spy as the deadly game of espionage is played out.

From Havana, to Berlin, to Lisbon, he outraces the Gestapo to get his passengers safely into American waters. With the help of members of the newly formed OSS, Kasten weaves his way through a tangled web of intrigue and danger to find that he and his friends have become Shadow Soldiers in a new kind of war.

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What People Are Saying About Shadow Soldiers

“Espionage on the ocean waters-a novel that, with a pre-World War II timeline, promises a buildup of pure suspense, which it more than delivers.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Great historical fiction”

“The story captured me and I stayed up very late one night because I just had to know how it ended. The ending was a complete surprise to me.”

“I loved this book!”