The Rhinemaiden’s Song

The Rhinemaiden's Song

The Rhinemaiden's Song

The Rhinemaiden’s Song has begun. In Germany, as 1935 draws to a close, Hitler is preparing for his conquest of Europe. For those who had read his book, the plan is all there, death and destruction await.

The German war machine is gearing up and new and very dangerous weapons are being designed. But Hitler has another surprise for the world. He is staging a grand coming out party with the 1936 summer and winter Olympics as his back drop. As he builds up the propaganda onslaught, the seemingly unbounded success of National Socialism is attracting the interest of financial partners from all over the globe.

In The Rhinemaiden’s Song Harry Braham, ex-fighter pilot and full time espionage agent takes the reader on a twisting path of intrigue and danger. Secrets that the Gestapo and the NKVD want to uncover are only part of the dangers facing Braham. His mentor and old friend Raymond Kingman has disappeared from a luxury train in the snowy Alps and it is Braham’s job to find out what has happened to him and to understand the meaning of The Rhinemaiden’s Song. Along the way he finds beautiful women willing share their secrets and their bodies with him. And, as usual, he has to find out who he can trust.

With Harry Braham once again at the controls, The Rhinemaiden’s Song hurtles into the middle of one of the twentieth century’s epic struggles.


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August 20, 2013

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