The Warszaw Express

The Warszaw Express

The Warszaw Express

The Warszaw Express begins at the close of the First World War the United States as withdrew back across the ocean, choosing isolation as foreign policy.  In Europe a cadre of Americans came together to maintain a watch on what was happening in continent’s capitals.  Not willing to be caught again without adequate intelligence as the forces of Bolshevism and Fascism collide in preparation of the next war a new American intelligence and espionage organization was born.

Recruited from the Army Air Service, Harry Braham is plunged into the growing tide of intrigue and covert actions. This is the  first in the new series of Harry Braham espionage novels.

In the Warszaw Express Harry battles against the best of the German air aces and flies right out of the air war over the trenches of France and into the boiling intrigue of post World War I Europe.  Bolshevik spies and lovely Parisian women surround him as he becomes one of America’s first twentieth century espionage agents.

His adventures take him from glittering Parisian salons to the Polish steppe as he fights the new Red Army and helps to shape the violent post war history of the continent.

The Warszaw Express is available for purchase in softcover and Kindle for online .


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September 10, 2012


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