The White Raven

The White Raven

The setting for The White Raven is 1934, just as the horrors that will befall Germany and the rest of the world are taking shape. Against the background of fascism and evil a grand event, designed to spur international cooperation in the skies, the Challenge Internationale de Tourism 1934, a sort of aviation Olympiad was held. Teams from various European nations participated in what was hoped might create better undeThe-White-Raven_2rstanding and relationships through air tourism. Planes and pilots from nations that would be caught up in a death struggle a mere five years later participated hoping to show off their skills. Of course, Germany entered teams that would form the core of the Luftwaffe. Germany entered the Messerschmitt 108, a two-seater precursor of its feared Bf-109 that would see service throughout Europe in the decade to come.

In 1934 not all Germans are solidly behind their new Führer and plots to remove him and wrest control of the country from the Nazis were underway. The military would only bow completely to the power of the Reich once Hitler did something about the actions of Ernst Röhm and his Sturmabteilung (SA). At the end of June 1934, in an action known as The Night of the Long Knives he did just that by arresting the leadership of the SA and executing its leadership.

Fear runs rampant throughout Germany and many people turn to clandestine escape routes to safer locations far from the stomping jackboots in the streets. One woman, titled and wealthy, has created her own network, the shadowy White Raven. Rumors of its existence trickle through Berlin, but no one knows who or what it is. Her purpose is to simply defeat the powers of darkness that are consuming her country.

Against this background, Harry Braham, businessman, expatriate and American espionage agent finds himself caught up in a plot by a small cadre led by members of the secret Abwehr who, if they cannot completely rid the nation of Hitler, want to remove his praetorian guard and take control themselves. To gain their ends they will use blackmail and murder. Braham must now decide between saving his friends from certain death at the hands of the Sicherheitsdienst and the Gestapo or cooperate with evil.

The White Raven takes the reader on a wild ride through these turbulent days.


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September 1, 2015

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