Whispers of Peenemünde

Whispers of Peenemünde

Harry Braham is back!

In 1940 America is at peace while the Nazi juggernaut tightens around Europe. In Peenemünde, a lonely and windswept peninsula on the Baltic, Hitler’s engineers are perfecting wonder weapons–rockets that can hurtle bombs at targets hundreds of miles away. These weapons are designed to strike without warning.

In New York, American agent Harry Braham is enjoying a sybarite lifestyle when his old friends come calling to tell him that Nazi agents have arrived in the States to try and steal work that is being carried out in American defense plants.

Braham and his friends are soon drawn into the murky world of Nazi fifth columnists who are helping German intelligence steal America’s secrets. From gun battles on the streets of Manhattan to a running sea chase, Whispers of Peenemünde throws a spotlight on the little-known activities of the Nazi underworld in America before Pearl Harbor.


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August 23, 2017

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